Online OKR Champion Training

Online OKR Champion Training

Self-Service Management Program

Our Online OKR Champion Training is perfect for OKR Champions who want to train themselves on how to implement an OKR program within their organization. It is an alternative approach to traditional workshops. 

The benefit of our Online OKR Champion Training is that it allows for online learning at one’s own time while having a permanent educational tool to assist in launching an effective and long lasting OKR program. We also provide continual support throughout the program (if you would like) to make sure that you receive the guidance you need to help you and your organization be successful. 

This video educational series delivers step by step guidance to the prospective OKR Champion into setting up, facilitating, and managing an OKR program. Once completed, an OKR Champion will possess the skills, understanding and insight into the creation and ongoing operation of an OKR program.

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