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Betterworks Partner

Betterworks is the only OKR and CFR platform endorsed by John Doerr.  With its unique combined OKR, Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFRs), and Engagement solution, Betterworks empowers companies to execute on their business objectives with agility and resilience through alignment, commitment, and transparency. Betterworks’ Formula For Better™ empowers leaders and employees to perform at the highest level and sustain competitive advantage, from anywhere. 

Betterworks’ solution and Professional Services Team has helped a variety of global organizations including; Intuit, Kroger, Lending Tree, and Vertiv, achieve agile execution. Betterworks is used daily by employees and managers from 119 countries in 20 languages. For more information about the latest business and people management strategies and best practices, please visit

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GTMHub enables organizations to improve internal alignment, maintain focus and effectively communicate priorities across all teams and divisions through their world-class OKRs platform. They strive to guide organizations along their journey of accelerated growth and transformational change. Over 600 enterprises, not-for-profits, startups, and governments from around the world rely on Gtmhub to help them achieve their goals with OKRs. GTMHub is also known for its ability to easily integrate with numerous software platforms. Their software connects with over 150+ business systems, from Jira to Slack, with just a few clicks. For more information, please visit

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Koan is the collaborative way to manage goals and OKRs across organizations. A SaaS-based platform, Koan empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives.

In Zen practice, a koan (/ˈkōän/) is a riddle or paradox that, once meditated upon, leads to enlightenment. An empowering analogy for leadership and managing teams, Koan tools can help organizations pass along enlightenment through the practice of asking questions and reflection. And with consistent practice, small positive behaviors, done consistently, yield enormous results. Koan’s simple, beautiful tools embody the best practices of the world’s top companies, continuously strengthening strategic processes through transparency, purpose, and the power of habit. For more information, please visit

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