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There are a countless number of books, videos and workshops that explain the “what” of Objectives and Key Results (or OKRs). These common tools explain what OKRs are, why they are important and why they are beneficial for an organization.

However, they are often missing the most critical piece of information that an organization needs to succeed: how to successfully implement OKRs within your organization. How an OKR program is implemented within an organization is where the secret sauce lies. Simply put – it is the key to a successful OKR implementation. 



An improper OKR Program implementation leads to a “flavor of the month” conversation and very little buy-in within your organization. Implementing OKRs in your company is not a trend and when it is not implemented correctly, you put the program in jeopardy of failure. Only 30% of OKR Implementations succeed on their first attempt and it is pertinent to your future success that you get the implementation right the first time. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, especially when it comes to OKRs.

OKR Implementations can fail for a myriad of reasons, including not getting buy-in, not cascading OKRs properly, not choosing the right individual to run your OKR program and rushing the OKR Implementation process.

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However, even if you get the implementation correct, if it is mismanaged, it will ultimately fail. Proper management of an OKR Program is critical. The executive running the OKR Program within your organization needs to make sure that they have the time, resources and responsibility to successfully manage the OKR program correctly.

At Atruity, we believe that you can successfully implement and manage an OKR program with the right tools, expertise and insight. We have seen time and time again that a properly implemented, visible, and well managed program allows for the greatest chance for buy-in from the organization. This ultimately creates the fantastic results everyone hopes for when they first embark on this journey.

When you work with Atruity, we provide your organization with the right tools, methods and management structure to ensure success. Our proven OKR implementation methodologies are designed to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of size. Our OKR programs are simple, comprehensive and developed using our experience, expertise and insight. They have proven successful in accelerating and transforming many organizations, helping them to achieve their desired results.

Atruity is a trusted OKR Consultancy focused on implementing successful OKR Programs

You should be confident that your organization’s investment in an Objectives and Key Results management program will be successful.

Here at Atruity, we want to see every organization that embarks on the OKR journey succeed. Here are our five top tips to make sure that your OKR implementation is not only successful, but provides the results and long-term buy-in that you desire. 

  1. Make sure that your organization has a mission statement and long term objectives. Be sure that they are outlined, visible and communicated to your entire organization. It is a proven fact that the success of any implementation greatly increases if you have these pieces. These northstars set the direction for your OKRs. 
  2. Make sure that you take your time implementing OKRs. Rushing the process only fosters confusion and can lead to disastrous results. 
  3. Make sure you have one person designated as the champion of the program and they have the time, skills and responsibility to successfully manage the program. Also, do not rush this decision as the designated OKR Champion will manage the program long-term.
  4. Feedback, recognition and communication are vitally important. They help to keep everyone motivated and engaged as they process the new OKR Program.
  5. Do not be afraid to ask for help. This is a simple plan that can feel overwhelming at first. 

We know that implementing OKRs within your organization can seem intimidating. However, you should be confident that your organization’s investment in an Objectives and Key Result management program will be successful and bring you the long-term results that you desire. 

We are forever committed to our customers success.

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