OKR Coaching

OKR Coaching

The Atruity team knows how imperative OKR Coaching is for an organization, especially those key personnel that are chosen to be involved in the overall management of an OKR program. Those who will be managing the OKR program will need more extensive training and coaching than the rest of the organization, especially as the program progresses and new members are added. This is critical to the success of your OKR program long-term.

This is why our OKR Coaching is extensive, detailed and focused. It is imperative that those who will be managing an OKR program are prepared and ready for any and all challenges they will encounter as an OKR program manager. We ensure that all key personnel who are coached on OKRs by the Atruity team are fantastic program managers and can run a program with ease, foster buy-in and are excited about the job role.

Also, if you are (or will be) implementing OKRs with Atruity, OKR Coaching will begin as your program rolls out if you choose to internally manage your OKR program. Our Coaching Program works alongside the implementation process and is a great fit for organizations who desire to ultimately take ownership of the program after the implementation process ends. Our OKR Coaching was designed as a method to help any and all individuals who will be contributing to the overall management of your OKR program.

Please see common questions and answers about our OKR Coaching below:

  • Each individual that gets one-on-one coaching with Atruity will become Certified in OKR Program Management
  • What They Will Learn:
    • OKR Basics Training
      • What Are OKRs
      • The Power of OKRs
      • The Importance of Alignment
      • How To Set Great OKRs
      • How To Run OKR Meetings
      • How To Properly Score & Use CFRs 
    • OKR Program Implementation Training
      • How To Become A Great OKR Champion
      • How To Align Your Organizations OKRs
      • How To Train Your Organization On OKRs
      • How To Facilitate OKR Development Sessions 
      • How To Manage an OKR Program Successfully
      • How To Set Up Your OKR Champion Quarterly Calendar
      • OKR Samples 
      • How To Launch Your OKR Program
      • How To Foster Buy-In From Program Participants
      • How To Handle Common Program Challenges
      • How To Contribute To An OKR PMO 
  • Each Individual Will Also Receive:
    • Atruity’s 60+ Page Workbook
    • Seven C’s To OKR Success E-Book
    • How To Write Great OKRs E-Book
    • Atruity OKR Program Management Calendar

OKR Coaching takes place over two OKR quarterly cycles (6 months) and can last up to a year (dependent upon the number of people who need coaching and size of the organization). Our team will be there to ensure that your program managers feel prepared and are properly trained during that time period so that your program can flourish.

Atruity coaches its clients in person or via Zoom (or chosen video conferencing platform) and online.

If you are interested in implementing OKRs with Atruity, click here and we can set up a free, one hour consultation to see if our program is the right fit for your organization.

Download our E-Book – The Seven C’s to OKR Success!

Download our E-Book

The Seven C's to OKR Success!