Implement an OKR Training

Implement an OKR Program

We know how challenging it can be to try and implement an OKR program on your own, especially when you have heard about the amazing benefits of the methodology and are looking to achieve those same results within your organization.

This is where Atruity can help. At Atruity, our main focus is implementing and managing OKR programs and we have successfully helped numerous organizations globally put in long-term and successful OKR programs that are still running today.

When we implement OKRs in any organization, we follow our proven process, which is simple, straightforward and effective. We also understand the importance of customizing the new management system to fit your organization. We ensure that the OKR program fits the organization’s particular needs, while still enabling the critical disciplines necessary for program consistency, scalability, and sustainability.

As we build the OKR program, Atruity professionals serve as the OKR Project Leader, coordinating the organization’s overall OKR journey. This includes project setup, OKR facilitations and the ongoing management of the OKR Implementation and program. Here is how we put your OKR program together.

Atruity's Approach

One of the largest benefits of working with Atruity is the ongoing, real-time engagement with Senior leadership and all levels of management. By having continuous interaction throughout the OKR quarter lifecycle, Atruity provides critical management oversight for all aspects of the program.  

If you are interested in implementing OKRs with Atruity, click here and we can set up a free, one hour consultation to see if our program is the right fit for your organization.

Download our E-Book – The Seven C’s to OKR Success!

Download our E-Book

The Seven C's to OKR Success!