We hired Tim to help guide us through the OKR implementation for the first time. Tim's experience with OKR matched our needs, but more importantly his style and approach to mentoring us to eventually do this on our own was what we were looking for. As a result of the OKR implementation, our effectiveness at achieving results has grown significantly and I believe it was a key contributor to our company growing through the pandemic. Tim provided the methodology, training, coaching and guidance. This is now embedded throughout the company and we would not have made this part of our day to day business without the OKR methodology and Tim's help.

Vice President of Operations at ACS Solutions

Jim Yoshimura
I will say, your help was awesome. If we were doing it blind, at best it would've taken a lot longer to set up and we wouldn't have done it ... No, you have a lot of experience, you've seen stumbles. You helped us along and so I would really say it's a wise choice to bring somebody on like yourself Tim, that ramped us way up on the curve, right off the bat.

Chairman at Amentum

John Vollmer
During my time with Tim, we implemented OKRs quarter after quarter and running OKRs made a difference in our business. The team attained more and frankly stretched us to accomplish more. The difference with Tim is he correlated the higher level ORK objectives down to my team's to be sure that everything was aligned with our specific OKRs and I implemented them. Tim ran OKRs for all of Red Hat Public Sector and had to meet with each team's District Manager each Q to review and implement OKRs. Tim runs a tight ship and takes the time to be sure that everything makes sense for the team and the business. I would highly recommend Tim and Atruity highly as I benefited from the OKR practice and philosophy.

Senior Director at Red Hat

Doug Ross
I knew we would need help. I knew we would need someone to facilitate, but also someone who had been there before with business. I had listened to the podcast and knew that you had done that. I knew it was something that we would not be able to do ourselves… We did all of our sessions hybrid with you in the states and the facilitations you did were great.

CEO & Founder of Vanarama

Andy Alderson
I highly recommend Tim to help your organization adopt powerful and effective OKRs! Tim is a master in the art of OKRs and has helped our team significantly apply them for business outcomes. Under his tutelage, we were able to collaboratively formulate challenging goals and measurable results that helped grow our effectiveness. Tim's approach to mentoring is to challenge our thinking while staying within the framework of our overall vision. Our entire organization has adopted Tim's approach to OKRs, and I strongly believe that it has had a significant positive impact on our effectiveness!

Technical Sales Leader

Mike Darretta
We’ve got the entire organization doing it. Four levels of management, almost 60 people are actually involved on a monthly basis and actively engaged with their team. So that buy in is really there. It has been hugely successful because the entire leadership team is part of the process. All teams are really tied to our success objectives and what the key results are -- and the impact they will have on the objectives that tie each individual contributor to mission success.

Advisor & Board Member | Former SVP, GM of the North American Public Sector At Red Hat

Paul Smith
Where has team Atruity and Tim Meinhardt been all my life? Honestly, I am not kidding…I think the OKRs have been very eye opening and very helpful to our team and to everyone else's team as well in regards to business strategy, transparency, visibility and helping us achieve the goals specific to North American Public Sector at Red Hat.

Senior Director, NA Public Sector Customer Success - Renewals at Red Hat

Veronica Poissant
After we had that workshop with you, Tim, everybody was very excited and we all felt very confident in what we were doing and we also felt inspired…You know, it’s like you write an Objective and you write your Key Results and off you go. But the impact that OKRs really have on a company is way bigger, like it will change your company culture if it’s implemented correctly.

L&D Specialist - Development at Wallbox Chargers

Billy Pearson
Trust Tim that he's going to tell you the truth. He's going to tell you the facts and the challenges, so that's actually one of the best things. He was very clear about what we are actually going to go through and was very clear with expectations…I would say you're (Tim) basically an enabler. Tim will basically enable you to unlock your team's full potential.

CEO & Founder of WakeCap Technologies

Hassan Albalawi
It was a strong SOW from the beginning. We knew what you guys (the Atruity team) were going to deliver and you delivered on it. It was within the timeline that was expected. Everything hit all cylinders when they were supposed to and we got out of it exactly what we thought. I think we probably got out of it a little bit more than that honestly, or maybe we just got more out of it than I thought we did. Maybe I underestimated the devotion of your team because they really, really attacked it… Atruity was an absolute value add to get ORock building their OKR vehicle and all that methodology on top of a very, very strong foundation.

VP of Customer Success at ORock Technologies

Adam Bonifant
Use a facilitator, like you Tim. I think you get a totally different perspective, an impartial viewpoint from the outside, you gain experience, and you get further buy-in from your team.

Director of Special Projects at Imagine Software

Bethany Kashman
I dont think we would have accomplished or would have been able to do what we have done with you (Tim Meinhardt) and the Atruity team. It is easy to think you can read the book and just go implement it yourself. It will never work that way. You have to be a good, trusted partner. Atruity has been able to work with us, hand in hand, and has had a huge and profound impact on our ability to implement OKRs.

President & Senior Advisor at Diversant

Jack Cullen
Tim brought OKRs to our firm at a critical time. He helped us focus on what was most important and drive results. Tim did it with ease and understanding. I would recommend OKRs as a business practice and highly recommend Tim to help get you started. Thanks again, Tim.

Regional Vice President at Diversant

Joe Mignacca

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The Seven C's to OKR Success!