OKR Program Assistance

OKR Program Assistance

OKR Program Assistance is perfect for organizations that have implemented OKRs previously, but are now experiencing challenges that are derailing their OKR program’s success.

When we provide assistance for your OKR program, our first step is conducting a formal assessment of your current program including reviewing the initial objectives of your program, initial implementation process, current OKRs, alignment structure, management processes, visibility and software usage, and special nuances to the program. 

After the assessment, we will put together a written plan for how to fix the challenges and issues that we have identified. Once the plan has been agreed upon, we will then provide a plan to get your program back on track. The plan will include all changes that are necessary to have your program operating the way you had initially envisioned when the program was first initiated.   

We know that each organization is different and has various needs that may require additional support so each plan is completely custom and built upon your program’s needs. Our team is open to helping your organization create the right solution that is the right fit for your team and ours.

If you are interested in implementing OKRs with Atruity, click here and we can set up a free, one hour consultation to see if our program is the right fit for your organization.

Download our E-Book – The Seven C’s to OKR Success!

Download our E-Book

The Seven C's to OKR Success!