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Your organization will gain a renewed focus in order to succeed.


Your organization will gain a renewed focus in order to succeed.


Your organization will gain a renewed focus in order to succeed.

Only 30% of OKR Implementations succeed on their first try.

How an organization implements an OKR Program is directly related to its success. Atruity’s main objective is providing the right framework and management practices to produce proven, long-lasting results. We are committed to having your organization be part of the top 30%.

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The Top 25 Best Practices for Corporate Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Success

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There are many reasons structured goal setting planning fails organizations. Often these can be far more complex, but statistically it boils down to very simple reasons.

Utilizing structured goal setting planning to grow your business requires a commitment to a proven step-by-step method for plan development. In order for a plan to be effective it must be created using correct guidelines.

Here are Atruity, we offer three programs that are designed to meet your organizations implementation preferences. They are the Comprehensive Management Program, Rapid Accelerated Mentor Program and the Self Service Management Program.
Our Comprehensive Management Program is for organizations who value expertise and who want an outside organization to provide the insight and experience to successfully implement an OKR program. They recognize that their current staff does not have the time or resources to dedicate to the effort. Atruity professionals serve as the OKR Champion, leading the organization's overall OKR implementation. This includes program setup, OKR facilitations and the ongoing management of the OKR Implementation and program. The key feature of this program is it’s ongoing, real-time engagement with Senior leadership and all levels of management (down to the individual contributor if desired) in developing their objectives and key results. By having continuous interaction throughout the OKR quarter lifecycle, Atruity manages all aspects of the program. This includes administration and management as the OKR program continues working its way throughout the organization, quarter after quarter.
Our Rapid Accelerated Mentor Program is for organizations who would like to have a designated OKR Champion within their organization to lead their OKR Program, but need the assistance of Atruity to mentor, train and educate the designated OKR Champion. By working directly, and in conjunction with, our professionals, we will guide the mentee(s) on how to facilitate an OKR session, how to properly measure/establish cascading alignment and how to administer and manage your OKR program. This program generally allows for knowledge transfer over a minimum of 6 months (to one year period) depending on the size and complexity of your organization and the skill level of the individual.
Our Self Service Management Program is for organizations who want to train themselves on how to implement an OKR program. It is an alternative approach to traditional workshops. The benefit of our S.S.M.P. program is that it allows for online learning at one's own time while having a permanent educational tool to assist in launching an effective long lasting OKR program. This video educational series delivers step by step guidance to the prospective OKR manager into setting up, facilitating, and managing an OKR program. Once completed, an OKR manager will possess the skills, understanding and insight into the creation and ongoing operation of an OKR program.
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